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Kentucky Clear is the first small-batch craft product to be offered by Dueling Grounds Distillery of Franklin, Ky. Owner and founder Marc Dottore is a well-known music industry exec from Nashville, who has spent more than two decades managing iconic music artists.

Dueling Grounds is a craft distillery that came by its name honestly, as it is located in an area along the Kentucky-Tennessee border. That's the site of numerous duels in the 1800s, when dueling was illegal in Tennessee but not in Kentucky. 

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"There is a glut of ‘moonshine' and other clear products out there, so finding a way to come forward in that space could have been a challenge. But, most moonshines are made with sugar, ours is not. It’s an all-grain Clear Spirit. I think it's much smoother and sweeter than most shines.”

—Marc Dottore